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Ariem supports the Owners/President by:

  • Allowing them to focus on company expansion

  • Providing guidance to make informed, timely decisions

  • Increasing operational efficiency

  • Improving cash flow/cash management

  • Offering an advisory role for your company


Ariem provides financial and operational management services to growing businesses. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to provide professional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) services, whether you are a sole proprietor or a small/mid-sized company. We work directly with the Owner/President or designated staff of your organization almost exclusively at client site.

Our professional services are tailored to your benefit and budget by providing services on a regular basis or as necessary.  You can have the strategic leadership and support you need to help manage and grow your business, while saving you significant money.

At Ariem, we are trained as being business people first and second to be accountants/auditors – we understand the factors that make businesses successful.

Owners can use Ariem as someone to bounce ideas off, or to discuss organizational issues.


Analyzing the crucial elements of your company’s cash flow and financial statements is a necessary component to running a successful business. Ariem provides an operational financial role that will involve financial analysis and operation results analysis.  The comprehensive assessment we provide ultimately improves bottom-line profitability and ensures your company allocates its financial resources accordingly.

Our financial services include:

  • Budget planning and implementation
  • Forecasting/Cash Flow projections
  • Assist in preparing financing proposals to lenders
  • Year-end summary preparation (financial and narrative) for stakeholders
  • Financial staff assessment
  • Maintain accounting records

Assessing the logistics of how a company functions is essential in providing an effective operational analysis.  A thorough risk/opportunity assessment allows Ariem to create a strategic plan for the short-term and longevity of the company.  We provide systems assessment and development, process flows and identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Our team takes on an “advisory role” and will be the sounding board to the Owner, President, or Senior Management employees, who are directly involved with the overall operations of the company.  From a macro perspective, Ariem will analyze the current organizational structure and provide insight into a structure suited for your company.

Ariem can assist in providing acquisition searches for suitable companies or real estate. Ariem can also assist in the sale of your business, while maintaining confidentiality.

Soft Issues

Soft issues are a component of running any business and are likely to arise weekly, if not daily. Acknowledging and dealing with these concerns proactively will definitely assist in smoother operations of your company.  Ariem will develop a deep understanding of the business and establish a relationship with the key decision makers/owners of the company to help alleviate problems and create effective strategies that will develop into a strong corporate culture.

Owners can use Ariem as someone to bounce ideas off, or to discuss organizational issues.


Whether you’re seeking guidance through day-to-day operations or financial analysis of your current situation, the professionals at Ariem are available to accommodate your needs.

 Are you:

  • Feeling as though your company may not be structured appropriately to facilitate growth or efficient operation?
  • Spending too much time on daily operations including financial area and neglecting other important business at hand?
  • Contemplating as though your company is not as profitable as you think it should be?
  • Feeling that the financial statements do not produce timely and accurate information for reporting purposes?
  • Undergoing special projects such as expansion, bank negotiation or acquisitions?
  • Feel like you are alone with few you can trust to confide in.

The solution to any of the questions is just a phone call away. Here are the reasons why:


We are independent and not associated with any other firms. Therefore we can offer an unbiased opinion and solutions that are in your best interest. This is very important as many solutions or suggestions to solve issues from other advisors are tied to other related products or services.


Both principals have a broad range of work and educational experience working with a wide variety of industries including service, health care, manufacturing, logistics, transportation and retailing. In addition, we keep up to date with trends and market factors.


We know business!
We understand entrepreneurs!


We maintain the strictest ethical standards to make sure your best interest is maintained.


  • Shamit Khosla
    Shamit Khosla

    Shamit Khosla CPA CA, has worked in a number of industries including, Healthcare, Internet, Information Technology, Wireless Technology, Retail and Distribution.  For the past 20 years, he has successfully delivered results and built a successful track record whether holding the position of Corporate Controller; Vice President; CFO and Corporate Secretary; Executive Vice President; and Principal.   The experience he holds ranges from working with startup businesses to one of Canada’s largest organizations.  He is an operational financial professional who has successfully raised financing for companies, actively participated in several mergers and acquisitions, played an active role in operational management and working collaboratively with owners/entrepreneurs in implementing their vision.

    • Michael Kavanagh
      Michael Kavanagh

      Michael Kavanagh, BBA, has a 35 year career with Roynat (subsidiary of Scotiabank) and Business Development Bank (BDC) in providing financing and equity capital to a wide range of businesses in Atlantic Canada as well as the Greater Toronto area and Southwestern Ontario. As part of his duties, he was actively involved in sitting on Boards of Directors of investee companies as well as corporate restructuring operations. Mike has extensive dealings with senior members of the corporation (owners, presidents, CFO’s, COO’s) as well as their senior advisors. He is also active in the communities he has lived in and has served on the Board of Directors of several charitable organizations, Board of Trade, Hospital and active within the Meadowvale/Streetsville communities.


      • Shamit is dedicated, sincere, extremely professional in his responsibilities and brings an innate sense to operational issues as to what works and what doesn't work.

        Rick M.Technology Company
      • Ariem’s extensive knowledge of strategic analysis, operations and finance is helping us grow our business and take it to the next level. Their attention to detail is next to none! They have the ability to approach each situation with dedication and patience, assisting us to achieve our goals while minimizing our growing pains.

        Josh HollanderHollander Landscaping


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